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Chapitre général - Capitulo General - General Chapter

Le Chapitre général des Religieuses de l’Assomption, juillet 2006

Homélie de ce jour

Rubrique : Jour après jour — Catherine, 10:00 am

Le Père Olegario González de Cardedal, ami de l’Assomption, ancien professeur à l’Université de Salamanca, est avec le chapitre pour quelques jours. Voici son homélie, en anglais :

Dear Mother Diana, Superior General, dear Sisters members of the New Authority in the congregation and presents in the Chapter¡ ! Dear community of Auteuil¡
It is the first Mass we celebrate in this chapel, after the elections have been completed. It is the hallmark in the way of the Chapter, just for performing the aims of the mission, to organise the different institutions and to programme the work, the sisters have to complete in the next few years.
And now what is to say? First of all, we have to thank to God the Father of mercy through Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit in the middle of the catholic Church.I consciously say in the middle of he catholic church because it not a private affaire of a few women who came together for realising something the have invented or desidered but to respond to the election of Jesus Christ under the authority of the successors of the Apostles for the life of the World.
After each election, the result is independent of the ways the name is reached. Any way we have gone and any intentions each one has had, at the end we have to say: “Blessed be God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessing of heaven , before the world was made. He chose us in Christ, to be holly and spotles and to live trough love in his presence”. This text of the Letter to Ephesiens, read today here in these concrete circumstance, means really something new for us and we have to actualise in these sense: “Mother Diana God chose you in Christ since the whole eternity to became the Superior General , and the four Sisters to collaborate with you, to be responsible for the external direction and for the internal animation of the whole order and each sister”. You have to be conscious and never forget. This is the grace and the force you can always count whit and God is faithful.
Therefore we thank God for this election. It is a glory to be elected in the church for such a mission. We pray God for you, we wish you the joy, the courage, and the peace you need for completing the task, you have got yesterday. But don´t worry too much: the Lord is the last responsible for your work every day. It is a glory and grandeur you have received . Let me quote the verse of the poet Hopkyns S.J.:

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God,
It will flame out, like shining from shook foil”.

You too have been charged with these grandeur: more than thousand sister dedicated completely to the love of God and to the service to the men, all over the world. Nothing is to be compared to these confidences given to you.

Perhaps you will ask me, why I have selected the Gospel of John with such question of Jesus to Peter. They are the same questions the Lord present to you to day: he ask only if you love him and also love all the sisters and brothers who he has entrusted to you . After the third question, Peter gave up asking Jesus, and we too give up. The only true word we can pronounce is this: Lord you know all and that we try to love you : “Lord, here we are, help us to do what we very often do not what to do, how to go and many times where to go. Lord be with us during the days and during the nights”. And when at the end of the day the night arrive and you go in sorrow or perhaps in anxiety to sleep, with the author of the psalms you can smile and say: “In pace in idipsum dormiam et requiescam”. In peace I go sleeping because, even if I am alone, the Lord is with me. Lord, the kingdom is not mine, but Yours and Yours is the Glory and the last responsibility. In the life of faith there very often arrive dificulties but never tragedy. The Lord knows better and in every case is better than we are. He know us better than we know us, he loves us more in the deepening than we can imagine, he waits for us always. He is the God “Amen” and therefore we can answer to him “amen”.

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