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Chapitre général - Capitulo General - General Chapter

Le Chapitre général des Religieuses de l’Assomption, juillet 2006

Homélie de ce jour

Rubrique : Jour après jour — Catherine, 9:00 am

A man or woman can´t be always listening, reading, defending the tru th of Christ; there must be the time to feed on it” (C.S.Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms (London 1969)l4
Now is the time not only for listening, or thinking about but for feeding on the word of Christ; of letting take roots in our hearts and bring fruits of eternal life.

This is the exemplar of the Virgin Mary. Listen at the text of the Gospel of Luke: “As for Mary, she treasured all these things, the shepherds had said about Jesus and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2,l9)
And after Jesus was loosed in Jerusalem among the doctors in the temple, the Gospel said that Joseph and Mary did not understand the answer what Jesus gave to them. And Luke adds: “His mother stored up all these things in her heart” (2,5l). The most important is not that we take God in our reason, tat he think about him and his reasons or designs about us but that we let be God to be Go in us, that he take us in his heart, that the Word Incarnate take roots in our soul, that he Incarnation of the Eternal Word of Go arrives at the end the World, beginning with us here today. Amen

Father Olegario González de Cardedal

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